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Men’s Down Jackets: Canada’s Winters Tamed with Down Fill Power

Canadian winters – they’re tough, they’re cold and they make us stronger! Who knows better than a fellow Canadian the pain of every day winter chores – going outside to shovel, brushing off the car or simply trying to get to work. Not many of us try to enjoy winter activities when it is “so cold outside!” There’s almost a certain pride Canadians have that we can handle the cold the way we do. So, why would you buy your winter jackets from anyone other than a Canadian company? They understand what Canadians need to enjoy the winter months – and have designed stylish men’s down jackets to withstand Canadian temperatures. These jackets, parkas and coats are made from luxury materials to protect their fellow man from the dreaded snow, sleet and freezing rain. When you wear a luxurious Canadian-made men’s down jacket, you don’t need to dread the winter, you can welcome it with open arms.

Using the indigenous Canadian’s winter traditions as inspiration, Canadian-based companies like Arctic Bay specialize in manufacturing high-quality men’s down jackets with natural duck down and coyote fur. These materials are essential to creating warmth and style.

Canada is a beautiful at any time of the year and this beauty should be enjoyed to its fullest! There is no need to shiver while wearing poly-filled jackets, boasting “light-weight feeling and comfort.” Synthetic materials fall short of down’s insulative properties. This natural filler creates air pockets within the jacket that traps heat and keeps you warm. So, don’t hide behind blankets, counting down the days until the spring arrives. There is no need! Put on a men’s duck-down jacket and embrace Canada’s winter, ready to live life to its fullest!
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Canadians do winter better than most countries. Every year from coast to coast, we prepare for the "white-stuff” with a sense of dread. Shoveling snow and clearing the car are chores wrought with frost bite and wind burn and often, we aren’t protected well with warm outerwear. Men’s down jackets made in Canada are affordable and provide incomparable warmth and protection from cold temperatures. Down jackets are filled with feathers from either duck or geese. The fluffiness of the down (or fill power) creates thousands of tiny air pockets that trap warm air to keep you warm. Duck down is more affordable than geese as the feathers are smaller. Ease of access also plays a factor in the cost. Duck is in higher demand on farms for meat and eggs, therefore the feathers can be collected from a higher number of farms. Goose feathers are more expensive and for the purposes of performance apparel, have a comparable down fill power. The larger the feathers, the higher the down fill power and insulation rating. As goose down is well marketed by other brands, this can deter people from considering men’s down jackets in Canada given the higher price point.

Top outerwear companies making men’s down jackets in Canada use duck down and coyote or beaver fur for hood trims. The fur is used not just for style – but to protect the face from blowing snow and wind. Men’s down jackets are functional, but also stylish and empower Canadians to step outside in winter months and enjoy life to its fullest!

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